Asst Prof Luc Téot

MD, PhD, Assistant Professor of Plastic Reconstructive Surgery
Department of Plastic Surgery, Burns, Wound
Montpellier University Hospital (France)

Luc Téot is specialised in Wound Healing, Reconstructive Surgery & Microsurgery. He is currently the Head of the Department of Plastic Surgery, Burns, and Wound Healing at Montpellier University Hospital in France.

He is the founding member of the French Wound Healing Society, of the G-Scars (Scar Club) and of the Academy of Wound Technology.

He has held the previous roles of President of the French Elect of the European Tissue Repair Society (2002-2004) and President-Elect of the World Union of Wound Healing Societies (2004-2008).

He is member of the Board of Wound Repair & Regeneration, IWJ, IJLEW, Vulnologia, and Innovative Surgical Science

He is involved with various journals and has authored 153 international Publications (Lancet, Diabetis, JID), 16 book chapters and 7 books as editor or coordinator. He also is the Editor in Chief of the wound care journal “Revue Francophone de Cicatrisation” (Elsevier)