Dr Aline Teh Hooi Ming

Advanced Practice Nurse
Speciality Nursing
Singapore General Hospital

Dr Aline is an Advanced Practice Nurse (APN) working in the Preoperative Evaluation Clinic at the Singapore General Hospital. She obtained her Doctorate in Nursing Practice from Duke School of Nursing in 2015. She is currently the Vice-Chair Postgraduate Nursing Education and an adjunct lecturer at the National University of Singapore. As SGH’s APN Lead, she also plays a key role in guiding APN Interns and prepares them for their exit exam.

She started working as a Registered Nurse in the Burns Unit for two years before joining the Operating Room as a Plastic scrub nurse. With her passion for teaching, Aline is actively involved in nursing education where she and her team of APNs developed the Resident Nurse Program to prepare registered nurses for Master of Nursing. She also leads the clinical teaching rounds in the burns unit. She believes that every passionate nurse when is equipped with clinical knowledge and skills can improve patient’s experience.