Significant physiologic and metabolic derangements occur after severe burns. In particular, the inflammation and systemic catabolism associated with severe burns can lead to nutrient deficiencies and impaired immune function. This is in addition to a markedly elevated metabolic rate and increased demands for wound healing, surpassing the nutritional demands of any other forms of injury. Collectively, these pose significant challenges to patient management.   In various burn centres, pharmacological and nutritional interventions have been adopted to improve overall patient outcomes. This workshop will introduce the audience to various pharmacological and nutritional interventions in the management of burn injury patients through a series of lectures and case based discussions.

Plan/Outline of Workshop

Workshop B: Metabolic modulation and nutrition in burn injury
Session Moderator: Mr Lim Chuan Poh

Time Topic/Activity Speaker (People Involved)
1330 – 1415 Pharmacological Metabolic Modulation in Burn Injury Dr Jasmine Ong
1415 – 1500 Blunting of post burn hypermetabolism with optimal nutrition support Ms Kala Adaikan
1500 – 1545 Interactive case discussions  (3 patient cases) Moderator/expert panel

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Half day (Afternoon)


Target Audience
Doctors, nurses and other healthcare workers

Max. Participants

SGD 50