By the end of workshop, the participant will be able to:

  1. Demonstrate knowledge & skills in perioperative nursing management and maintenance of aseptic & conducive environment for burn surgery
    • Surgical equipment & Instrumentations
    • Fluids preparation & Burns dressing
    • OT set up (Environment  control & warming devices)
  2. Demonstrate knowledge & skills in perianaesthesia nursing in managing burns cases.
    • Knowledge & skills in assisting anaesthetic procedures
      • Assisting intubation
      • Fluid management
      • Resuscitation
    • Pharmaceutical knowledge
      • Anaesthesia and resuscitation drug
  3. Demonstrate teamwork during Crisis Resource Management (CRM).
  4. Apply SBAR communication as a part of Crisis Resource Management.

Plan/Outline of Workshop

Time Topic/Activity Speaker (People Involved)
0800 – 1200
  • Half day session on 14 Aug 2019, Wednesday, at Academia Simulation Lab or Burns Operating Theatre (venue TBC).
  • A didactic session on Burn Management by content expert before the simulation exercise.
  • Introduction of faculty, interactive ice breaker and orientation of simulation lab by simulation instructor.
  • Simulation scenarios with SIM-man, surgeon and anesthetist to act as their actual role for participants to get the opportunity to play out the scenario created by the facilitator and instructors.
  • Debriefing will be conducted by the facilitator and instructors at the end of simulation scenario to focus on learning points.

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Half day (Morning)

Academia Simulation Lab

Target Audience
The workshop is strongly recommended as a basic training program for peri-operative nurses handling burns patients.

Max. Participants

SGD 50