The workshop aims to impart skills involved in recovering, processing and storing human skin allograft for the purpose of transplantation and treatment. References will be made to tissue banking standards set by the American Association of Tissue Banks. Participants will gain knowledge and hands-on experience in Skin Banking.

Plan/Outline of Workshop

Time Topic/Activity Remarks
0900 Workshop opening / introduction
0915 Consent Taking, Donor Eligibility Assessment, Physical Assessment, Post-mortem blood tests

Tissue recovery room assessment requirements

Cadaver Work (Demonstration & Hands-on) – likely 1 cadaver body at Skills Lab 1B
1000 Donor Prep, Usage of Dermatome and Skin recovery
1145 Storage & Transport of Skin (to processing facility)
1230 BREAK for LUNCH
1400 Tissue Disinfection and Incubation Bench Work using skin grafts
1430 Skin Trimming, Inspection, Processing and Packaging for Cryopreservation
1630 Introduction to Controlled Rate Freezing &

Cryopreservation of Skin Tissue using Controlled Rate Freezer

1700 Transport & Storage of Skin during Distribution/Dispensing

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Full Day

Academia Skills Lab

Target Audience
Participants interested in setting up a Skin Bank and/or learning the steps involved in Skin Banking

Max. Participants

SGD 80