The majority of burn victims will develop infectious complications and quite often these infections are cause by multi-drug resistant organisms.

These infections are often serious resulting in loss of life, morbidity and prolonged hospital stay. This workshop aims to highlight complex issues of surveillance, prevention and therapy of infections in Burn Unit

Plan/Outline of Workshop

Session Moderator: Dr Ang Xiu Yun

Time Topic/Activity Speaker (People Involved)
0900 – 0930 Surveillance in Burn Unit A/Prof Chong Si Jack
0930 – 1000 Infection Control Measures – Our Local Burn Unit Experience Dr Ling Moi Lin
1000 – 1045 PKPD antibiotic issues and drug dosing in patients with major burns Dr Chan Hong Ngee
1045 – 1115 Appropriate antibiotic use in Burn Unit A/Prof Piotr Chlebicki
1115 – 1230 Interactive case discussions  (3 patient cases) Moderator/expert panel
1230 – 1330 Lunch Break

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Half day (Morning)


Target Audience
Doctors, nurses and other healthcare workers

Max. Participants

SGD 50