The game uses “Button”, which determines the order of action for players clockwise. At the beginning of each hand, before the cards are dealt, the first player after the “Button” must place a Small Blind and the second player after the Button must place a Big Blind, which is usually twice the size of the Small Blind.

Introduction Poker

Each player is dealt two closed cards and then the betting round begins (players bet). There are a total of 4 betting rounds in the game, where before each new round, shared cards are opened on the table. First, three common cards are opened (Flop), then the fourth common card (Turn) and before the last betting round the last common card (River) is opened. Each player can use one or both of his cards together with five Community cards to make the best combination of five cards. During the game, the player will have several choices, which will most often depend on the actions of other players, but also do not forget that your decision will also affect the actions of other players.

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Each player always has the option to Fold and wait for a new deal. If none of the players made a bet, the player has the opportunity to skip a turn without betting (Check), or to make a bet (Bet), not less than the Big Blind. If the player bets, the other players can refuse to play, respond to the bet, or increase the bet. If a player wants to call, he has to make a bet equal to the stake of the previous player. Increase the bet, means that the player bets (usually twice as much at least), bigger than the bet of the previous player. On our site you can learn more about poker games could be played in online casinos.

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Most Popular Poker Games

After the last betting round the players remaining in the poker games open their cards and the pot, formed from all bets made during the game, is taken by the player with the best combination of five cards. If two or more players have the same combination, the pot is divided between these players.

Crazy Pineapple

This game is played in the same way as Texas, only in this game players get three cards per hand. Trading on the preflop and flop is the same as in Texas Holdem. The main difference is that before the fourth hole card on the table opens, the player must discard one of his three cards, after which the game continues in the same manner as in Texas Holdem.

Omaha Poker

This game is played in the same way as Texas, only in this game players get four cards in hand and when forming combinations, the player must use two of his cards and three from the table.
Also, unlike Texas, in this game the maximum bet is limited to the bank.

omaha poker

Read more about Omaha and other:

Omaha HI/LO

Omaha Hi/Lo is played by the same rules as Omaha, with one exception. After a showdown, the player with the highest combination wins only half of the pot, and the player with the lowest combination wins the other half of the pot.

However, this rule applies only if one of the players manages to get the lowest combination (LO). If none of the players at the table gets the lowest combination, the player with the highest combination wins the pot.

A combination can be considered the youngest if it consists of cards from an ace to an eight and no pairs. Example: The combination A 2 3 4 5 – counts as a “row” in the HI combination and at the same time it is considered the best LO combination.


This game is played on the same principle as Omaha. The only difference is that immediately after the players receive four cards each, the first card of the flop opens on the table. After the first round of trading is complete, the remaining two edges of the flop are opened on the table, and then the game continues on the same principle as in Omaha.


This game is very similar to Crazy Pineapple. Players are dealt four cards and before the flop opens on the table, they must discard one of their cards. After the betting round on the flop is over and before the next common fourth card opens, the player must discard another one of his cards. The game then continues on the Texas Holdem principle.

Be Careful When You Play Poker

All of the listed games are intended for people over the age of 18. Despite the lack of real money, it is possible to get addicted to poker without much effort and it can cause a gambling addiction.

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